Throughout his career, and especially when he gained widespread popularity, Bates was the subject of frequent articles in magazines and newspapers. Listed below are the more significant articles concerning Bates's reception and status during his lifetime, including contemporary reviews and articles on his work. Scholarly articles are listed for those interested in Bates's current status in academia. Article databases available at public and academic libraries will provide a more comprehensive and current list of resources. Note that reviews and articles concerned solely with a specific book are listed under that title, not below.

Articles are listed in two broad categories:

The H.E. Bates Companion, of which the library is the current incarnation, was built upon the meticulously-prepared bibliography by Peter Eads:

Eads, Peter. H.E. Bates, a Bibliographical Study. Winchester, Hampshire: St Paul's Bibliographies; Detroit: Omnigraphics, 1990. 224 pp.

A few errors have been discovered; the following corrections (not including minor errors of citation) should be noted:

  • "The Spriv" (B78) is the same story as "The Irishman" (B86)
  • "The Hedge" (B82) is the same story as "Cut and Come Again" (B85)
  • "Love is Not Love" (B143) is the same story as "Verdict from the Heart" (B184)
  • "Cherry Ripe" (B206) is the same story as "Daughters of the Village" (B268)
  • "A Man in the House" (B210b) is the same story as "The Common Denominator" (B226)
  • "The Laughing Princess" (B219) is the same story as "An Island Princess" (B271)
  • "Summer Enchantress" (B245) is the same story as "The Enchantress" (B267)
  • "Silas on the Wagon" (B264) is the same story as "A Teetotal Tale" (B296)
  • "Trespassers Beware" (B274) is the same story as "The Trespasser" (BB276)
  • "Risk" (B176) is from "K is for Kitty" (B154) rather than "The Greatest People in the World" (B163)

Two other monographic sources have been crucial to this project:

  • Baldwin, Dean R. H.E. Bates: A Literary Life. Selinsgrove: Susquehanna University Press, 1987. 267 pp. Drawing upon oral interviews, archives, and manuscript collections, this excellent biography is essential to an understanding of Bates in historical context, in relation to literary trends, and in terms of his family background and temperament. Baldwin comments perceptively on all of the major works and on many individual stories. An online version of the book is available in "preview" and "search" mode.
  • Vannatta, Dennis. H.E. Bates. Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1983. (Twayne's English Authors Series). 147 pp. Vannatta offers in-depth analysis of every novel, each story collection, and of many individual stories. Like Baldwin, his work helps set Bates's career and output in the context of literary and historical trends.