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"A Summer Day."
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Bates praises A Summer Day, a collection of stories by Kate Roberts, as an example of the Welsh renaissance that compares well with the work of Sarah Orne Jewett.

His comments on both could well be applied to his own stories: [in both] "there are the same small dramas of hidden lives, of the rosy distances of youth seen through the disenchantments of age, of solitude disturbed by the half-thrill, the half-opportunity, the half-dream of yesterday. In both writers there is the same keen, almost too keen, sense of pity for the aged, the lonely, the weak, the sick, the unloved; the same joy in colour and the same sensuous response to scent and place and air; the same danger of sentimentality and the same passive rather than active avoidance of it and, here and there, the same fall."

In The Welsh Review (Autumn 1946, pp. 217, 218, 220).


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