Pinkie Jerebohm Morgana Robinson

Pinkie Jerebohm

Pinkie Jerebohm, so called as she is always seen wearing pink is the conniving wife of Cuthbert. Definitely the one who wears the trousers in the relationship, she lures Pop into a trap by pretending she is the archetypal down-trodden wife.

BAFTA and British Comedy Awards winner Morgana Robinson is an Australian born actor known for her television work particularly the eponymous The Morgana Show (2009) and The Agency (2016). She has also featured in House of Fools (2014), as Pippa Middleton in The Windsors (2017) and most recently in Everyone else burns (2023).

Cuthbert Jerebohm Julian Rhind Tutt

Cuthbert Jerebohm

Cuthbert Jerebohm, a London gent so snobby he makes the Normans look positively down to earth. Along with his wife Pinkie, they plot to humiliate and destroy The Larkins.

Julian Rhind-Tutt, a familiar face on both the big and small screen has been in the industry since the early nineties. British viewers may remember him as Doctor Macartney in The Green Wing (2004), as Phelan in Britannia (2017) or the Marquess of Blayne in Harlots (2018), whilst American viewers may be more familiar with him as Inspector Monty Pippin from cult show Keen Eddie (2003).

Rev Ian Candy Maxim Ays

Reverend Ian Candy

Reverend Ian Candy is the new young clergyman sent to the parish to reintroduce some christian values to the vicarage. Definitely not cut from the same cloth as 'old' Vicar, Reverend Candy with his easy-going manner and boyish good looks, soon catches the eye of Primrose.

Maxim Rhys, a relative newcomer to our screens made his TV debut as Seb in Still So Awkward (2021). A year later he was cast as Captain William Carter in the hit period drama Sanditon (2022).

Joelle Rae Mariette Larkin

Mariette Larkin

Mariette is the eldest Larkin daughter. Currently away on an extended honeymoon in Europe with husband Charley, she comes back all refreshed and feeling like a new person.

Joelle Rae steps into the shoes of Mariette for Series 2 replacing Sabrina Bartlett. Another relative newcomer to the small screen, her previous credits include Hannah in Emmerdale (2021) and as Jemima in Get Even (2020)

Larkins Summer and Sienna Miller


The twins, Zinnia and Petunia are no longer the youngest of the Larkin clan with the adoption of baby Oscar. Now a year older, they are still lively, fearless, often calamitous and sometimes mischievous.

Replacing Davina and Rosie Coleman for Series 2, this is the breakout role on UK television for both Summer Miller (Zinnia) and Sienna-Mae Miller (Petunia).

Blanche and Cuthbert Lucy Allix Hector Bateman Harden

Blanche and Gilbert Jerebohm

Blanche and Cuthbert Jerebohm are the somewhat aloof and peculiar children of Pinkie and Cuthbert Jerebohm. They share their parents worldview and look down on those they think are beneath them rebuffing all attempts at friendship.

Played by Lucy Allix (Blanche) and Hector Bateman-Harden (Cuthbert) respectively, this is Lucy's first major role on TV whilst Hector featured as Giles in the TV mini-series of Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019).


Joelle Rae did her drama training alongside Lydia Page at Nottingham's Television Workshop

Pinkie's actual name is Phyllis May