Listed here are items not yet seen, bibliographical information not yet verified, or references that may lead to improvements to the library. If you can help we would love to hear from you:

  1. There is supposedly a 'brilliant article on the Burma fighting' by Bates according to an article (PDF) in the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer dated October 17, 1945, that appeared in The Statesman of Calcutta (July 10, 1945), "A Friendly Gesture"

  2. In a letter to Malachi Whitaker (June 21, 1931), Bates writes that he has reached the 'the pinnacle, the Parnassus of writers - an article in Good Housekeeping'. We've checked some UK editions of Good Housekeeping (March to August 1931) without any luck so far!

  3. There may be a submission from Bates (along with William Saroyan), on the Letters page of a magazine called Story (April 1934).

  4. A journal called Books of the Month (1940/1941) contains at least 3 book reviews by Bates. See e311, e312 and e313

  5. Short Story: September 28, 1955 (IU) - most likely misdated, possibly in Bookman 1950 editions
  • Sunday Dispatch, 'Fire Eaters' date of publication needs to be verified. Eads lists publication as 1951 (Sunday Dispatch, November 18, 1951, p.2); but he also dates the item as 1957
  • We have been kindly provided with a new piece for the Library in which H.E. Bates writes in defence of Country Tales (1938). Do you know the publication in which this article appeared? Our best guess is the magazine of the Reader's Union book club, Readers News. If you know different, or can confirm this, please drop us a line
  • The Daily Telegraph (May 25, 1962) mentions an introductory essay by Bates in the programme for 'tonight's Arts Ball at Folkestone, of which Lady Guilford is the chairman.' (PDF)
  • We know Bates wrote plenty of articles for Living magazine and many are already here in the Library, but we have so far been unable to check the following issues. June, July, August 1969; November 1971; January 1973; February, August 1974
  • We suspect Bates wrote for the Royal Air Force Journal under the name HEB. We've checked the British editions, but do you have the Middle East and Indian editions?
  • An undated essay cited by Baldwin 'The Best and Worst in Life' may have been earmarked for publication in the (London) Evening News. We are wondering if this was ever published? (The Harry Ransom Center, Texas has an unpublished version)
  • Woman’s Own: We need a better date than 1954 for Love in a Wych Elm, and for an instalment of A Moment in Time, identified in the May 1964 issue; other instalments not identified