SHOT 1 0681


In which we meet the Larkin family. (Air Date: Sunday 10th October 2021)

We are introduced to the Larkin Family. Mariette, the eldest child, drops a bombshell and the first newcomer since forever, in the shape of Tom Fisher, has moved into Littlechurch village. A vacancy for the position of Master of Hounds has arisen and there are mini-crises in the shape of a ketchup shortage, Primrose’s experience of first love and Edith Pilchester feeling pressurised into selling her home. Ma demonstrates her kitchen wizardry by turning a ham into a goose and we learn that The Larkins own a TV, Pop carries around wadges of cash (£250 is the equivalent of over £6000 in today’s money!), that the French “take their medicines up their bottoms”, Kent automotive dust comes in several grades (according to Victoria!), that Montgomery is a very talented artist, and that everybody knows everybody else’s business courtesy of a very indiscreet Vicar.

Themes of class divide, family values, rural life and relationships are all touched upon.

Larkins 0102


In which The Larkins woo Charley the Tax Man (Air Date: Sunday 17th October 2021)

Mariette decides to stay home for the summer and travel to France thereafter, but with of the arrival of Tom Fisher and Charley her head and heart are in conflict! She takes Charley for a walk in the local countryside but Alec Norman intervenes and it looks as if the plan has backfired, with Charley furious that Mariette has tried to influence him with her charms. Meanwhile Montgomery Larkin is fixing up his pram to compete in the Littlechurch pram race. There's a mini crisis in the shape of the candidate to be the 'baby' in the pram. We discover that charley is a bit nervy, that “Primrose loves a bit of goose strangling”, that amongst Vicar's many other vices he is also overly-competitive and a cheat to boot, and that “moping never buttered no parsnips

Larkins margate Episode 3


In which Pop and Ma go on holiday (Air Date: Sunday 24th October 2021)

Ma, worried that Pop is working too hard, books a weekend beside the sea in Margate for just the two of them, where they end up having to rescue a young couple about to wed for all the wrong reasons, and Ma's dignity. Back at the Farm, Charley helps Mariette sort out a new (huge and ghastly) TV aerial. Tom Fisher meanwhile makes his move and takes Mariette out on a date which takes an unexpected turn. There's a mini crisis in the shape of a wardrobe malfunction due to a dissolving bathing costume and we learn that Vicar likes 'girly' magazines, that Montgomery is a hot shot at snooker, and that Ma and Pop are 'living in sin!' (as Norma Norman might put it).

Larkins railway train episode 4


In which the Larkins rescue the railway station (Air Date: Sunday 31st October 2021)

The simmering tension between Mariette and Pauline finally boils over resulting in a catfight amongst the strawberry plants. Charley makes a decision about his future at the Tax Office and phones in his resignation. This week's mini-crises centre around the imminent closure of Littlechurch railway station and a surplus of soft fruit. We learned that at the tax office everything is rigidly enforced, that the Larkins own a fridge freezer, vacuum cleaner, telephone and two televisions, that “a modern economy needs a comprehensive transport infrastructure", and that "rhubarb ain't even a fruit, it's veg pretending!"

Larkins vic episode 5


In which Ma’s sister Bertha comes to visit (Air Date: Sunday 7th November 2021)

Ma's exasperating sister Bertha and her family pay a visit and sibling harmony is only restored after a duel (Jaguar vs Rolls Royce). Tom's redevelopment plans threaten the village, but he turns on the charm to full and "nobbles" a few of the parish councillors in an attempt try to secure a majority in favour of his plans, only to be thwarted at the eleventh hour by Primrose. Mini-crises involve traversing a small brook and saving 'Spreading Linda', an ancient tree at threat from Tom's development. In this episode we learned a lot of boring facts courtesy of Howard (most of which we’ve forgotten already), that Ma and her sister are like chalk and cheese, that the pig is called Phil, and that Vicar would happily sell you out for thirty pieces of silver!

Larkins Episode 6 mariette leaving


In which the Larkins are determined to convince Mariette to stay (Air Date: Sunday 14th November 2021)

The whole family come together to persuade Mariette that instead of slipping away quietly she should be given a grand send off in the shape of a Gymkhana/Donkey Derby and Cocktail Party at the weekend. Tom makes one final play for Mariette and at the party comes the announcement of a new arrival. Mariette is last seen on the train but who's that accompanying her? Mini-Crises this week involve an unwanted baby and a runaway donkey and we learned that "if drink ain't the answer, then you're asking the wrong question" and that "there’s nothing wrong with a wobble" according to Ma.

Larkins at Xmas 2021


The Larkins at Christmas (Air Date: Saturday 25th December 2021)

Littlechurch finds itself in the midst of a mini crime-wave with many of the residents falling victim to burglary. Fingers are pointed at resident ex-con Ambrose Nunn. Mariette and Charley return from Paris and reveal its permanent, so to celebrate Ma invites Charley's parents over, but rather than breaking the ice, relations seem to get rather frosty! Mini-crises come in the form of Edith Pilchester nearly having a nervous breakdown, a power cut that threatens to ruin everyones xmas and a desperate criminal with a gun. We learn to never judge a book by its cover and that food can bridge many a cultural difference.

Last but definitely not least, Mariette and Charley decide to get married so to celebrate here's Tok Stephen (Charley) reciting Sonnet 18.

The jollity of the voracious Larkin family is undeniable, bursting with enough warmth to power an entire country village
- James Jackson, The Times