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H.E.’s stories and novels adapt wonderfully well to the screen. His descriptive landscapes and intense, emotionally driven stories are a compelling combination for both filmmakers and audiences.

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H.E. was a wonderful writer…I liked him enormously. A very charming, warm character; he was very quiet and knew a lot about secrets.
- David Lean

Did You Know?

  • The actress, Joanna McCallum, was named in her honour of The Loves of Joanna Godden, after her parents, Googie Whithers and John McCallum, met and fell in love on set
  • When John Irvin was shooting A Month by the Lake, the producer, Harvey Weinstein, wanted him to end the film by filling Lake Como with singing gondalierers. Fortunately Irving refused
  • The most famous scene in Summertime is the one in which Kathryn Hepburn falls into a Venetian canal. Although Hepburn claimed she’d contracted an eye infection after falling into the canal, she often swam in it at night, stopping her motor boat and ordering the driver not to watch as she jumped in, wearing very little