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H.E. wrote three volumes of his autobiography: The Vanished World, The Blossoming World and The World in Ripeness.

Methuen Books have plans to republish all three titles as paperback editions.

Flowers and Faces, Through The Woods, Down The River, and Edward Garnett are also good sources of material on H.E.'s family.

Further genealogical information can be found on the website of the Rushden Research Group:

"On my mother’s side a line of solid if not sober peasantry; on my father’s side a by no means solid and a very doubtfully sober line of good-for-nothing fishermen and bird-lovers and field-moochers…"

Writing, like medicine and gardening, is not an exact science. There are no rules and I do not believe it can be taught. In essence it is a process of discovery.
- H.E. Bates

Autobiographical Volumes

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Did you know?

His name would have been H.E. Lawrence, if his grandfather had married his grandmother, Deborah Bates

H.E.'s grandfather and wife were both born in the same thatched cottage.

His second cousin, May Larkin, was married to a farmer, loved cooking for big family gatherings and was affectionately known in the village as 'Larky Larkin'.