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How Sleep the Brave and Other Stories.
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Jonathan Cape
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Flying Officer X Byline
Pilots, War

London: Jonathan Cape, 1943 (August).
Dedication: "To John Pudney."

This second collection of "Flying Officer X" pieces is in two parts, the first containing the novella-length title-piece, the second containing five short stories; all were included (along with the contents of the first [1942] "Flying Officer X" collection, The Greatest People in the World and Other Stories), in the 1944 Something in the Air; only four (excluding the title-piece and "Croix De Guerre") were included in the 1943 American collection There's Something in the Air.

R.D. Charques, in the Times Literary Supplement, writes of one story that 'the portraits of the crew are vivid and alive' and that all of the stories are 'good pieces of writing', but he also questions whether 'there is not something to be said against making up (or writing up in the form of fiction' stories about the R.A.F. which do not originate in the writer's personal experience.'


  • Times Literary Supplement (September 4, 1943, p. 425, R.D. Charques, attached)

Contains: How Sleep the Brave; The Beginning of Things; The Disinherited; Croix De Guerre; Yours is the Earth; There's Something in the Air.


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