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As in an earlier review of books for children, Bates begins: "These books have been reviewed not only by me but, where possible, by my three children: i.e., two girls aged 6-1/2 and 5, and a small boy of 18 months, whose major interests in life at present are the broken works of a grandfather clock, a musical doll and as much to eat as possible, and to whom books, in so far as they mean anything at all, are objects to be scribbled on with coloured chalk or to be torn up. To the girls, on the other hand, books are already a passion and these thirty books, which for three weeks have been scattered over floors, beds, chairs, tables and anywhere else where children could pick them up or lay them down, have been pretty well exhaustively handled by them."

  • Babar at Home, by Jean De Brunhoff
  • The Forest Pool, by Laura Adams Armer
  • Mr Heinie, by M. A. and A. S. Beistle
  • Niki Takes a Holiday, by R. Worley and Roberts Johnson
  • Perri, by Felix Salten
  • Mr Jones of the London Zoo, by Marguerite Buller
  • Buffo and Petro, by Alison B. Alessios and Theresa Kabal
  • Mumfie's Magic Box, by Katharine Tozer
  • Little Elephant comes to Town, by Doris Estcourt
  • Christmas at the Four Paws Club, by Abbie Phillips
  • Heyo, Brer Rabbit!, by Enid Blyton
  • Creatures Great and Small, by Theodora Horton
  • Bennie Black Lamb, by Cicely Englefield
  • Twin Kids, by Inez Hogan
  • Hedgehog's Holiday, by Geoffrey Ford
  • The Stage-Struck Seal, by James Hull
  • Plain Jane, by Mary Colville
  • Sambo and Susan, by Katharine Harrison Wallace
  • Bramshill, by Joan Penelope Cope
  • First Friends, by William the Great
  • The Fireman, The Baker, The Engine Driver, by M. C. Carey and Nora Lavrin
  • The Magic Train,
  • My Book about Trains, by John Anderson
  • The Little Sailing Boat, by Lois Lensky
  • Larky Legends, by Norman Hunter
  • Rudkin, by Yvonne Wingfield King
  • ABC & 123,
  • Our Old Nursery Rhymes

In The New Statesman and Nation (December 10, 1938, p. 988, 990, 992).


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