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Reviews of Outside Eden, by J.C. Squire; The Short Stories of Michael Arlen; King Carnival, by John C. Moore; Daisy Matthews and Other Tales, by Rhys Davies; March to the Gods That Heal, by Fairbairne McPhee; Sympathy and Other Stories, by Peter Quennell; The Furnival Book of Short Stories,; and Full Score, edited by Fytton Armstrong. In The Spectator (March 10, 1933, p. 343).

Baldwin (1987) lists in his bibliography, as an example of a book review by Bates: "Michael Arlen" The Spectator, 10 March 1933, 343.

A review of a number of books, including The Short Stories of Michael Arlen, appears on that page; however, uncharacteristically for the journal, no author's name is attached to the review or listed in the table of contents. It is possible that correspondence by Bates refers to his being the author of the review.

This reviewer states that among the stories including in The Furnival Bookthe "most notable are the contributions of Mr. Hanley, Mr. Bates, and..." It seems doubtful that Bates would mention himself in this way. Secondly, the article's author reviews Outside Eden, by J.C. Squire, a book reviewed by Bates in John O'London's Weekly and in the Fortnightly Review. The other two reviews mention a story about Lenin as the best piece, while that story is unmentioned in this review. On the other hand, all three reviews take a similar view of the book as a whole.


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