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The Beauty of the Dead and Other Stories
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Jonathan Cape
Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd
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London: Jonathan Cape, 1940 (December 6). 256 pp.

Fifteen stories, seven of which were previously unpublished. Pamela Hansford Johnson wrote in John O'London's Weekly that Bates "is the most erratic artist; he can be both best and worst; and these uncertainties are, I think, attributable to the fact that he is the most experimental...[this collection] illustrates this restless exploration, source of many small failures but so many more successes, more sharply than do any of his previous garnerings. All are tales of human bondage; all have that delicate luminosity by which visions are seen more clearly than in the bright sunlight; all are sombre in theme." George Orwell dismisses the "neutral-tinted, eventless kind of story in which Mr. H.E. Bates excels."


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Contains: The Beauty of the Dead, The Bridge, Fuchsia, The Ferry, The Loved One, Old, The Banjo, A Scandalous Woman, Love is Not Love, Quartette, Mr. Penfold, The Goat and the Stars, The Earth, Time to Kill, The Little Jeweller. ebook edition (Bloomsbury, 2016) also contains Obadiah.