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The Bride Comes to Evensford and Other Tales.
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Jonathan Cape
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London: Jonathan Cape, 1949 (14 November). 224 pp.
Dedication: "To Dilys Powell and Leonard Russell" (contributor to and editor of, respectively, The Saturday Book, where the title tale was first published).

A reissue of the 1932 collection of stories, The Black Boxer Tales, with the addition of the 1942 novella The Bride Comes to Evensford as the new title story. Bates left publisher Cape in 1944 for Michael Joseph; in this and in the 1947 compilation Thirty-One Selected Tales, Cape was attempting to reap some benefit from its Bates catalog in the light of Bates's tremendous wartime and post-war popularity.

Contains: The Bride Comes to Evensford, The Black Boxer, On the Road, A Love Story, Charlotte Esmond, A Flower Piece, The Mower, The Hessian Prisoner, Death in Spring, Sheep, The Russian Dancer, A Threshing Day for Esther.