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The Song of the Wren
Story Collection
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Michael Joseph
Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd
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London: Michael Joseph, 1972 (May 30).

In this collection, the second and third pieces compare in length with Bates's many novellas, while the first and fifth are light entertainments in the style of Uncle Silas tales. The three more serious stories all concern thwarted love, love triangles, and, in two of the cases, the violence that comes out of psyches twisted by love.

Maurice Wiggin, in the Sunday Times, calls Bates 'a master of deceptive simplicity, the art that hides the artifice.'


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Contains: The Song of the Wren; The Dam; The Man Who Loved Squirrels; The Tiger Moth; Oh! Sweeter than the Berry. ebook edition (Bloomsbury, 2016) also contains Music for Christmas.


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