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The Stories of Flying Officer 'X'
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Jonathan Cape
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Flying Officer X Byline
Pilots, War

London: Jonathan Cape, 1952 (20 June). 192 pp.
Dedication: Hilary St. George Saunders and John Pudney.

This republication of "Flying Officer X" stories, issued seven years after Bates left Cape for the publisher Michael Joseph, contains all of the stories originally appearing in the first and second collections (The Greatest People in the World and Other Stories and How Sleep the Brave and Other Stories), one not previously included in a Bates collection although appearing in a serial and in a Royal Air Force anthology ("The Bell"), and two that appeared in the American "Flying Officer X" collection There's Something in the Air but otherwise only in serial form or in an Air Force anthology ("Sergeant Carmichael" and "Free Choice: Free World").

An "author's note" mentions that the original collections were dedicated to [the late] Hilary St. George Saunders and John Pudney, and that despite the addition of three stories, "there is no reason why the names of these two friends should not remain coupled on the dedication page."

Contains: It's Never in the Papers; There's No Future in It; The Young Man from Kalgoorlie; It's Just The Way It Is; The Sun Rises Twice; No Trouble At All; A Personal War; K for Kitty; The Greatest People in the World; How Sleep the Brave; The Beginning of Things; The Disinherited; Croix De Guerre; Yours is the Earth; There's Something in the Air; The Bell; Free Choice: Free World; Sergeant Carmichael.