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Thirty Tales.
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Jonathan Cape
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London: Jonathan Cape, 1934 (April 9). Travellers' Library. Dedication: "To E.E. Kirby." In a four-page introduction (attached), David Garnett says that "this collection of his stories has been chosen by himself from his already published work." Bates's first selection of stories contains sixteen of the twenty-five stories in his first collection (Day's End and Other , 1928), six of the eight stories in his second collection (Seven Tales and Alexander, 1929), and eight of the eleven stories in his third collection (The Black Boxer, 1932). Note that Garnett's introduction was reprinted in abridged form in the Jonathan Cape compilation called Then And Now (1935). Reviews: Now and Then (issue in 1934, reprinted in the 1935 Cape publication Then and Now, p. 153-155, Graham Greene, attached) Contains: Alexander, The Mother, Death in Spring, The Holiday, Harvest, Charlotte Esmond, A Flower Piece, The Hessian Prisoner, Fishing, The Baker's Wife, The Child, On the Road, Blossoms, The Flame, Fear, A Comic Actor, The Idiot, The Birthday, The Barber, The Fuel-Gatherers, The Spring-Song, The Father, Two Candles, A Love Story, The Schoolmistress, The Mower, The Voyage, Lanko's White Mare, A Tinker's Donkey, A Threshing Day for Esther.


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