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Country Life — 1938
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Columns written by Bates for the Spectator in 1938, eventually compiled in a volume called Country Life, (where further information can be found).

PDFs of the columns are available within separate Library entries grouped by year, (1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941).

The date of the columns and subjects (with links to related articles) covered in 1938 (attached) are:

  • February 18 (More Weights of Birds; Sea Birds; Village Government; Village Allotments; A Scarcity of Rabbits; Woods Transformed)
  • February 25 (Live Quail; The Quail Protection Act; The Society’s Aims; The Planting of Conifers; The Morning Chorus; Two Robins; A Catalogue for Epicures)
  • March 4 (Yugoslavian Country Life; More Afforestation; Against Afforestation; Tulipa Fosteriana; Gulls and Plovers; Lilium Candidum)
  • March 11 (Ditching and Dyking; Hawk and Cuckoo; Miraculous March; Dormouse and Children; Country Schools; Footpath Maps and Signs)
  • March 18 (Country Housing; The Ministry’s View; An Early Egg; Forest Fires; Bullfinches and Prunus; The Wild English Tulip; Advisory Service for Parish Councils)
  • March 25 (Lost Land; Country Cheeses; A.R.P. in the Country; Blacksmiths and Italy; The Soya Bean; Far-off Things)
  • April 1 (The Wild Tulip; Garden Escapes; Scottish Country; Lost Men; A Perfect Month; A Comparison)


The below reviews and articles are available in PDF format.