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Country Life — 1941
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Columns written by Bates for the Spectator in 1941, eventually compiled in a volume called Country Life, (where further information can be found).

PDFs of the columns are available within separate Library entries grouped by year, (1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941).

The date of the columns and subjects (with links to related articles) covered in 1941 (attached) are:

  • January 3 (Starlings: Increase or Decrease?; Friend or Enemy; Vegetable Surplus; Swans)
  • January 10 (Expert Report; Worst Casualties; Log Fire; Correction)
  • January 17 (Gardening Shows; Cackle Pie; Venison Sausages; Wild Daphne)
  • January 24 (Think for Victory; The Forty Varieties; Birds in Snow)
  • January 31 (Indoor Branches; Holly Crop; Land Workers; In the Garden — Seed Sowing)
  • February 7 ("A Shaming Record"; Raasdonders; Wild Daphne; In the Garden — Tomatoes)
  • February 14 (Swan Battle; More Uncommon Vegetables; Medicinal Herbs; In the Garden — Mixed Beds)
  • February 21 (Bird Watching; Bird Facts; Poultry Rationing; In the Garden — Other Onions)
  • February 28 (Shrove Tuesday; Storm Colour; Mole Catching; In the Garden — Frame Melons)
  • March 7 (The British Trust for Ornithology; Inquiries and Reports; Army Wastage; In the Garden — More Unusual Vegetables)
  • March 14 (The Land Drainage Problem; Tender Lily; Unfriendly South; In the Garden — Summer Pleasures)
  • March 21 (Winter Kingfishers; “The Countryman”; Selling Surplus; In the Garden — Spring Joys)
  • March 28 (Bark Harvest; Green Hellebore; Plain Vegetables; In the Garden)
  • April 4 (Ploughing and Potatoes; March Goes; Parish Council; In the Garden — More Unusual Vegetables)
  • April 11 (Surplus and Distribution; Flowering Cypress; In the Garden — Tips and Remedies)
  • April 18 (Ley-Farming; The Urgent Need; Grecian Hellebore; In the Garden)
  • April 25 (Civvy Street; At the Flax; Country Strangers; In the Garden)
  • May 2 (Spring Promise; Wild Asparagus; Silage; In the Garden)
  • May 9 (Sugar-Beet Sugar; Rural Elections; In the Garden)
  • May 16 (Vegetable-Prices; Pigeon-Menace; In the Garden)
  • May 23 (A Farmer Speaks; Wholemeal Loaf; Basket-Making; In the Garden)
  • May 30 (Herb-Collecting; Warnings and Advice; Organisation and Prices; In the Garden)
  • June 6 (Another Farmer Speaks; The National Loaf; The Angling Season; In the Garden)
  • June 13 (Kent Front; Late Spring; Herbage Seed Production; In the Garden)
  • June 20 (The Triumph of the Egg; Young Mouths; In the Garden)
  • June 27 (Land-Experiment; Produce and Prices; The Triumph of the Cat; In the Garden)
  • July 4 (Wildfowl Inquiry; Walking Pike; Railway Flowers; In the Garden)
  • July 11 (Village Shop; Honey and Mead; Crazy Coot; In the Garden)
  • July 18 (July Promise; Country Petrol; Wings of Fancy; In the Garden)
  • July 25 (Hudson and White; Preserving Tomatoes; Bad Egg; In the Garden)
  • August 1 (Potato Loss; More Fruit; Preserving Beans; In the Garden)
  • August 8 (Rural Workers; Scabious; Drying Beans; In the Garden)
  • August 15 (Tobacco Power; Fifty Years Back; Hard Fruit; In the Garden)
  • August 22 (Harvest Dream; Bright Hills; Egg-Bound; In the Garden)
  • August 29 (Compost Systems; ...And Sceptics; New Cheese)
  • September 5 (Keeping Tomatoes Fresh; Fair is Fair; Food and the Child; In the Garden)
  • September 12 (Education and the Farmer; To Be a Farmer; Harvest (Almost) Home; In the Garden)
  • September 19 (Two Centuries Young; The Labourer’s Hire; In the Garden)
  • September 26 (Research; Leaf-Injection; Quack Advertisements; In the Garden)
  • October 3 (Summer’s Lease; Country Education; Country Clergy; In the Garden)
  • October 10 (Santos to Akureyri; Winter Land-Girl; Elderberries; In the Garden)
  • October 17 (Irish Country Life; Children’s Gardens; Hogarth Hoppers; In the Garden )
  • October 24 (Tomato Subjects; Autumn Colours; In the Garden; So Long)