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Country Life — 1940
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Columns written by Bates for the Spectator in 1940, eventually compiled in a volume called Country Life, (where further information can be found).

PDFs of the columns are available within separate Library entries grouped by year, (1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941).

The date of the columns and subjects (with links to related articles) covered in 1940 (attached) are:

  • May 31 (The Obliging Duck; The Countryman and War; Cheap Artificials; In the Garden — After Winter)
  • June 7 (Pigs and Pig Clubs; Local Defence; Pests and Crops)
  • June 14 (Winter Vegetables; The Sixth Column; Petunias; Attack on the Cuckoo)
  • June 21 (Land and Labour; Church Bells; Wild Strawberries; Flowers as Food)
  • June 28 (The Importance of Ensilage; Ensilaged Grain; A White Squirrel; An Indiscreet Soldier; In the Garden — Hydrangea)
  • July 5 (Idle Land; Rural Defence; Hawk and Cuckoo; In the Garden — Rare Mallow)
  • July 12 (Citizens and Soldiers; Sweet Chestnut Bloom; Native Cheese; Women’s Land Army)
  • July 19 (Medicinal Herbs; ...Their Collection; ...Their Prices; In the Garden — Unusual Vegetables)
  • July 26 (Saving Seed; Lime Flowers; Compulsory Salvage; The Year Turns)
  • November 8 (Medicinal Herbs: An Explanation; Pure Rivers; Sources of Pollution; An Increase in Anglers)
  • November 15 (Country Market; The Local Nursery; Rural Salvage; Country Canteen)
  • November 22 (Birds and Air-Raids; The Onion Problem; More Vegetables, More Imagination)
  • November 29 (Preserving the Countryside; Milestones; Woods and Youth; State Ownership)
  • December 6 (Evidence on Birds and Raids; ...More Observations; Vegetable Seeds; Sun-Dogs; In the Garden)
  • December 13 (Peziza Coccinea; Rural Salvage; Soldier Poachers; Ploughing the Commons)
  • December 20 (Unorthodox Planting; Frame Crops; Fewer Starlings?; December Hedge; Poultry Manure)
  • December 27 (Living in the Country; Farming Policy; Asparagus Peas; Year's End)


The below reviews and articles are available in PDF format.