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Country Life — 1937
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Columns written by Bates for the Spectator in 1937, eventually compiled in a volume called Country Life, (where further information can be found).

PDFs of the columns are available within separate Library entries grouped by year, (1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941).

The date of the columns and subjects (with links to related articles) covered in 1937 (attached) are:

  • January 22 (The Weights of Birds; The Mad Hare; Wild Creatures in Crowds; Snakes in Water; The Comedy of Coots; —And Rooks; Not Before 9 o’clock)
  • January 29 (Coronation Gifts; England in Pint Bottles; Cottage Idylls; ...And the Remedy; The Winter Strawberry; The Golden Mushroom)
  • February 12 (A Winter Fungus; A Question of Names; The Flowers of Streams; Water Ranunculus; Pike and Dragonflies; A Fine Verbena)
  • February 19 (War on the Wood-Pigeon; The Charm of Pigeons; The Wild Gladiolus; A Garden Stoat; Stoat and Birds; First Spring)
  • February 26 (First Nests; Frumenty; Fig Sunday; A Sad Tree; A Splendid Salvia; The Exclusiveness of Chelsea; Postscript to Fungus)
  • March 5 (The International Committee for Bird Preservation; ...Its Purpose; ...An Appeal for Funds; Tunny into Quail; A Lover of Fungi; The Charm of Peewits; Wild Gladiolus)
  • March 12 (Country Crafts; Advice For Craftsman; Lace-Making; Cattern Tea; Water-Wheels; The Alpine Garden Society; Silver Knew Nothing)
  • March 19 (Torrents of Spring; A Courageous Thrush; Edward Thomas Memorial; "The Countryman’s" Birthday; Mysteries of Wild Life; The Rabbit Problem)
  • March 26 (The Fens; The Hundred Foot Drain; The Upper Ouse; The Parish Council; Trespassing; Natives From Seed)


The below reviews and articles are available in PDF format.