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Country Life — 1939
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Columns written by Bates for the Spectator in 1939, eventually compiled in a volume called Country Life, (where further information can be found).

PDFs of the columns are available within separate Library entries grouped by year, (1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941).

The date of the columns and subjects covered in 1939 (attached) are:

  • February 17 (A.R.P. in Country Life; ...An Example; Empty Schools; A Superb Annual; Crisis and Country Cottages; In the Garden)
  • February 24 (Problem of Decreasing Wildfowl; The Bill; The First Orchard; Evacuation and Country People; ...And By Contrast; In the Garden — Spring Comes)
  • March 3 (The Other England; Flowers and Mountains; The Green Plover; Caged Fox; Aristocratic Pelargonium; In the Garden — Hardy Cyclamen)
  • March 10 (The Wild Mezereon; The Pigeon Again; Rabbits: An Experiment; Hop Stringing; Flax Prospects; In the Garden — Spring Cleaning)
  • March 17 (National Parks; ...Prejudice or Indifference?; The Parish Council Electoral Farce; Other Reforms; The Paradoxical Farmer; In the Garden — England: Our England)
  • March 24 (Reports on Daphne Mezereon; Garden Escape or Alpine?; The English Hedge; A Farmer Accuses a Hunt; The Agricultural Wage; In the Garden — Coloured Hellebores)


The below reviews and articles are available in PDF format.