Its been an exciting and unexpectedly prolific winter behind the scenes in the Library. With over 1100 works by H.E. Bates currently listed we weren't expecting to add much to this comprehensive body of work but somehow we've unearthed no less than 32 additional Bates pieces (including 3 short stories, numerous book reviews and 2 more non-fiction pieces with the byline "Flying Officer X"). Apart from the short stories you can read them all in full on the following pages:

A further 14 book reviews can be found by using the Search function on the Library. Simply select 'Added since 2020' in the 'Document Type field'.

If you know of any works by H.E. Bates not yet in our Library (there are a few out there we've been unable to track down, check out our desiderata), we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line via the contact page.

H.E. BATES in 1944 on the cover The Field Magazine